Analogue Addressable Detectors

Remote LED Indicator

Product Overview 

The Remote LED Indicator (DETREM) is a remote annunciator, for use with System Sensor conventional (Series 100 and 300) and analogue addressable (Series 200) detectors as well as Pertronic remote LED indicating heat detectors.


The Remote LED Indicator is connected to the remote annunciator output of the System Sensor detectors and the remote LED output of the Pertronic remote LED indicating heat detector.

The remote LED indicator unit provides a common negative terminal with three ‘positive’ input terminals as follows:

  • Terminal 1: System Sensor Series 100 conventional detectors
  • Terminal 2: System Sensor Series 200 analogue addressable detectors
  • Terminal 3: System Sensor Series 300 conventional detectors and Pertronic remote LED indicating heat detectors


1. There are special versions of the Pertronic V Series Indicating Heat Detector for use with the Remote LED Indicator. These detectors have a pair of output terminals for connecting the Remote LED Indicator.

2. The standard V Series Indicating Heat Detectors do not have these output terminals, and can not be used with the Remote LED Indicator (DETREM).