Analogue Addressable Detectors

PTIR Detector

Product Overview

22051TLE-34-IV is a detector that uses software algorithms to combine Photoelectric, Thermal and Infra-red sensing elements with analogue addressable communications giving reliable fire detection whilst allowing the detector to reject many common causes of nuisance alarm. Valid addresses on F100A and F120A are 1 to 99.


  • High nuisance alarm immunity
  • Unique, true three sensor multi-criteria fire detector incorporating photo, thermal and IR sensing elements Advanced algorithms interpret and respond to the multiple inputs
  • Viable performance replacement to the ION detector
  • Six available sensitivities
  • Fully integrated infrared sensing to support the fire alarm decision
  • Automatic drift compensation of smoke sensor
  • Rotary decade address switches, 1 to 99
  • Dual red LEDs for 360ยบ visibility
  • Optional remote LED accessory
  • Magnet test function bypasses inbuilt delays


Product Code Description
22051TLE-34-IV Analogue Addressable Photo-Thermal-IR Multi Sensor excl Base
22051TLE-34-IV+B Analogue Addressable Photo-Thermal-IR Multi Sensor with Base