Conventional Beam Detectors

Beam Interface board

Product Overview

The Conventional Beam Interface (6500RSCI) provides an interface between the System Sensor Conventional Beam Detector (6500RSE) and a Pertronic Loop Responder, F16e or F4 conventional panel. This supplementary board connects directly to the connectors inside the Beam Detector without compromising an existing RTS151KIT Remote Beam Test Station. The 6500RSCI Interface operates from 24 Vdc, sourced from either the Panel supply or from an independent power supply – this may be isolated or non-isolated. The 6500RSCI Interface complies with NZS 4512:2010.


  • Fits inside the 6500RSE beam detector
  • 4-wire connection: conventional zone circuit and power supply
  • Connects to 20V conventional zone circuit
  • Powered from isolated or non-isolated 24 Vdc power supply
    - F16e or local Loop Responder - powered from panel supply
    - F4 or remote Loop responder - powered from independent, isolated power supply
  • Uses ‘Smoke’ and ‘Defect’ regions for ‘Off-Normal’ indication
  • The 6500RSE beam detector automatically resets with the conventional zone circuit
  • Provides Form C ‘Defect’ contacts: N/C, COM, N/O for external signaling
  • Supports connection of a RTS151KIT Remote Beam Test Station

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Conventional Beam Interface