Encapsulated Indicating Heat Detectors

Product Overview

The Pertronic Indicating Heat Detector is an NZS 4512:2010-compliant fixed (static) temperature heat detector with protective encapsulation.

Two versions are available: 57 °C temperature threshold (blue dot), and 77 °C temperature threshold (yellow dot).


  • Fast response, fixed temperature heat detector
  • Available with or without protective encapsulation
  • Resistant to false activation caused by vibration or other transient impulses
  • Fully complies with and NZS 4512:2010
  • Terminals accept up to 1.5 mm² cable
  • Bi-directional circuit connection terminals
  • Vertically mounted PCB with protective cover for improved resistance against condensation and water damage
  • Conformally coated PCB
  • Alarm condition clamps the circuit voltage to 2.2 V
  • Red LED indication:
    • The LED latches ON when the thermo-mechanical sensor activates
    • De-powering the heat detector resets the LED
  • Integral reverse polarity yellow LED for easy detection of wiring faults
  • Reverse polarity connection causes “Hi Defect” fault warning on Pertronic panels

Ordering Information

Product Code



Encapsulated Indicating Heat Detector Blue 57 °C


Encapsulated Indicating Heat Detector Yellow 77 °C