Analogue Addressable MCPs

Analogue Addressable Conversion Module for NZS 4512 MCP

Product Overview:

The Pertronic Analogue Addressable MCP Conversion Module (AAMCP-MOD) interfaces a conventional (NZS 4512) manual call point with a Pertronic analogue addressable loop.

The module may be used with an indicating or non-indicating manual call point.


  • Interfaces a conventional manual call point to an AA loop
  • May be used with any NZS 4512 conventional manual call point with normally-closed switch contacts
  • Fits inside Pertronic conventional manual call points
  • Rotary switches for configuring the loop address
  • Configurable loop isolator
  • Twin wire tail (grey / white) for normally-closed manual call point switch
  • Twin wire tail (black / red) for indicating LED
  • 4-way screw terminal header for AA loop wiring
  • Electronic components protected from damage

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AA Conversion Module for NZ4512 MCP