Analogue Addressable MCPs

Call Point Stopper II Heated Enclosure with 4" Deep Back Box

Product Overview

The Call Point Stopper (CPTSTPRHTR) is a tough, transparent, polycarbonate shield and frame that fits over a manual call point. It is fitted with a mains-powered heater and fan which maintain a uniform internal temperature.


  • Prevents false fire alarms without hindering legitimate operation of a manual call point in the event of an emergency
  • Can be used as a guard against physical damage to a manual call point
  • Maintains initiating device temperature with external temperatures to -57°C. Independently tested to -73°C
  • Enclosure rated to NEMA 3R Standards to provide a degree of protection against rain, sleet, and damage from external ice formation.

Ordering Information

Product Code



Call Point Stopper II Heat Enc, STI-1200A-HTR240